Economics homework help. week 6 Discussion QuestionsDiscussion Board 6.1 Identify a need within your previously selected organization.  This will be the topic of a mock proposal to a foundation.  This idea should have a positive impact on your organization, and should cost somewhere between $2,000 and $75,000.  This must be something that either isn’t currently being funded in your organization, or for which the funding is insufficient.  Try to identify something that does not require ongoing funding (like a staff position).  Many foundations won’t fund staff positions, as they don’t intend to provide ongoing funding.  Possible examples include:  Supplies for foster kids, a van for a program, a public relations campaign, updating computers, iPads for staff, training for staff/volunteers, tutors for teens, funds for summer activities for teens, new furniture in a shelter, etc.  This idea cannot be an event.  An event is a funding source, but is not a topic for a proposal to a foundation.    Include the link to the organization’s website.  Use this organization:( Care Ring)  www.careringnc.comDiscussion Board 6.2 Now that you have your idea, think about the key points of this project.  This section should provide a funder with a vision of what you are planning to do with their money.    These ideas will become a section of the proposal, the Project Description.  What will need to happen?  Who will do it?  Will things need to be purchased?  How will you identify the seller?  Think about this in a sequential manner.  Post to the Discussion Board.

Economics homework help