Assignment 2: Police Minority Interaction
In this assignment, you will identify a recent police minority interaction and explain your perspective of
the elements of the encounter.
Research a recent (within the past 2 years) police minority interaction that has made the news and then
address the following in your report:
• Describe and analyze the interaction.
• Was the interaction handled correctly? Why or why not?
• Would you have done anything differently? If so, what would you have done differently and why? If
you felt it was handled correctly, describe at least three things which were done correctly and relate
them to concepts discussed within your text.
• Complete in MSWord
• Use APA style to format your assignment as well as citations and references
• There will not be a cover or header sheet
• Must be a minimum of 2 pages (500 words) in length
• Double-spaced in Times New Roman 12pt font
• “Save as” CRJ125_M#_Assign#_lastnamefirstname
When you are finished, attach your document to the dropbox and upload it.