Required Textbook: Clear, T., Cole, G., & Reisig, M. (2013). American Corrections. (11th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth

Please read Chapter 15, watch the video “Released: When Does The Sentence End,” and respond to the following Critical Thinking Questions. You will also respond to 2 of your peers:

What factors should a parole board consider when it evaluates a prisoner for release? Suppose that you have been asked to decide whether the department of corrections or an independent agency should have authority over release decisions. Where would you place that authority? Why? Please be sure to use objective info from the chapter and information obtained from the video in order to complete your answer. Given the current public attitude toward criminals, what do you see as the likely future of parole release? Please be sure to mention from the video the name of the policy created by Governor Nathan Deal, which was an attempt to address the issue or recidivism in the State of Georgia, in your response.

The first deadline for posting is Tuesday November 17th by 11:59 pm and the second deadline for responding to your classmates is Thursday afternoon by 12 pm. When responding to a student’s post, be sure to use and address the following:

Your responses should reach beyond a simple “I agree with what you are saying.” Please use the following to begin your post when responding to your peers:

“I learned from you that..”

“I appreciated how you explained….”

I expect everyone to participate and to also engage and encourage everyone. Please make an effort to respond to another student’s post if you find there are multiple responses to one student’s post. We want to respect everyone’s posting. Feel free to reach out to a student if you find their post difficult to follow or if it is limited in information. This is the purpose of the discussion post. We are aiming to learn and to also assist our peers.