1) watch below videos on secure passwords.

Then pick three passwords: one not secure, one acceptable, and one very secure. Then write a brief description of the passwords you have chosen, indicating why they are secure or not secure. Answer should be of atleast 200 words.

2) Learn About creating good password security. An IT Security consultant has made three primary recommendations regarding passwords:

i) Prohibit guessable passwords

— such as common names, real words, numbers only

— require special characters and a mix of caps, lower case and numbers in passwords

ii) Reauthenticate before changing passwords

— user must enter old pw before creating new one

iii) Make authenticators unforgeable

— do not allow email or user ID as password

Using WORD, write a brief paper with atleast 200 words explaining each of these security recommendations.  Do you agree or disagree with these recommendations. Would you change, add or delete any of these?  Add additional criteria as you see necesarry.

3) Do a bit of research on JSON and AJAX. How do they relate to the the Same-Origin policy? write several short paragraphs on each. The post should be of atleast 200 words or more.