c++ program

Part A

use any web site and provide number of Dentists using the following format:

area codes included:






for each area code get 4 doctors to include the following data:

License number up to 5 digits

Name (last, first )

Specialities (General, surgeon)


write a menu to allow the user to search for

Enter 1 to search by area code

Enter 2 search by distance

Enter 3 search by speciality

Store data in a text file called “indata.txt”

store the result in a text file “outfile.txt”

Read data from text file

Write a function to search by area code, when the user enter the area code, such as 909, all Dentists with area code 909 will come up ( all data).

Write another function to search by distance ( in this function display all the data and smallest distance with data belong to smallest distance)

Write a search function to look for dentist with specialty ( if the user searches for surgeon), all dentists  with surgeon specialty and its all data including, license number ,names, distance show up

Last function search by license number.

Write a function to display the result(s)

Use Binary search  as a backbone search Function