Program Specification:
Build a binary search tree, using links (not an array) for 15 records. The data in these
records will hold names and their associated weights. Read the data from the screen.
Required functionality (Each # should be separate methods):
1. Build the tree from the unique set of names (names are the key value) and their
associated weights.
2. Execute a preorder traversal
3. Execute an inorder traversal
4. Execute a postorder traversal
5. Find and print the height of the tree using recursion, do not add a height variable to
the tree structure, the algorithm stack should hold this.
6. Determine the number of leaves and print the result (remember a leaf has no
7. Implement search functionality that will search for a name and indicate the weight
for that individual if they exist in the structure, otherwise stating no match exists.
8. Determine the lowest weight contained in the tree.
9. Find the first name in alphabetical order (this should not go through every node,
unless the tree happens to be a linked list).
Turning in the assignment:
Submit the following items:
1. Source code.
2. Sample output.
3. The .exe file from your debug folder.
Copy the output and place this as a comment at the bottom of your source code.
Well-Formatted Correct Output: 10%
Correct Algorithm: 80%
Good self documenting / commented code & Readability 10%
Example Tree (Links to an external site.) States