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Analyzing the Business Case
Red Star College is a private school in a small Maryland town.  They have an outdated IT system which was implemented in 1995. For example, the college’s student database, class scheduling, registration system, HR and all other system were in sperate buildings and on different operating systems. The graduated student’s records system is still on paper based (manual). The school has not centralized IT management system.  And, college’s website and social network are all very old and not meeting the needs of the current student and faculty. Therefore, one of the problems that happens is miss-calculation of the student grades (wrong transcripts) and very slow response to transcript requests.
The college has outgrown its computerized system and is considering a NEW SYSTEM. And, you should consider the new generation students as well. Think about what student expect form the school.
QUESTION 1: Preliminary Investigation Overview of the WRONG TRANSCRIPTS problem.
Planning the Preliminary Investigation. Understand the problem. Draw a FISHBONE DIAGRAM for a problem mentioned above. You should include a main bone to represent the problem, sub-bones to indicate possible reasons for the problem, and horizontal sub-bones to indicate possible causes. You will be reporting the source of the  “wrong transcripts” problem
QUESTION 2: List the Internal factors that affect this IT project
QUESTION 3: List the external factors that affect this IT project
QUESTION 4: Your solution: The college president, has asked you to provide solution for the problem. You will be listing the reasons for this IT project. Why do you think there is a need for new IT system?  Prepare the list of changes needed and assign a relative weight to each reason, using a scale of 1–10, low to high.
You will be preparing the LIST OF IT CHANGES to save the college (for example no more wrong transcripts). Make a list of IT related changes (upgrades or new purchases) and match them with the importance weight.
Questions 5:  With regard to threads:  Can there be multiple threads within a process?  If there can be multiple threads within the same process, what does it take for these multiple threads to run at exactly the same time? And is it “easier” for a mode switch to occur between threads if they are in the same process as opposed to the mode switch between threads residing in different processes?  Why bother with threads anyway, why not just use processes?
(Question 5: more than 200 word)

Computer Science homework help