Please see the attached instructions and include a biblical scripture as well.  My desire is to be a Head Coach of a Division 1 men’s college basketball team.  Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.  Thanks.


Personal Research Project Instructions


For this project, you will develop a Personal Ethical statement, Cause statement, Mission statement; a 5-year and a 10-year “plan;” and identify your 10 key values. A reference page as well as at least 5 citations in current APA format are to be included. This report should be 8–10 pages, Times New Roman, and double spaced. Included in the length of the paper is the Cover Page and Reference Page.


This project requires you to describe how you will integrate what you learn in this course through the readings and Discussion Board Forums into your life. You will be asked to reflect on your own current and future career choices and possible linkages between those prospects and who you are. This project involves research into possible alternative futures for you. In other words, develop a 5- and 10-year goal for where you see yourself, and then describe the path that you might take to reach those goals.

The intent of this assignment is for you to consider potential future careers for yourself. Your future could include: additional school, a job, a description of what your ideal job looks like, where you want to live, what kind of family life you would choose, and what responsibilities you see yourself taking on. Basically, this is a plan for where your life is going over the next 10 years. As part of this project, identify your vision (cause), mission, and values from an ethical standpoint.

Developing your cause (vision), your mission, identifying your values and ethics:

Understanding your cause, developing your mission and identifying your values are the foundation for long term success. Just as this works with successful companies, it also works at the individual level. You would not set out on a journey without a compass, a map, or a specific destination! So what about in life? Can you answer the question, “why do you want to work?” Do you have a mission in life that answers the question, “what do you want to do?” Have you explicitly identified your personal values and ethics?


A cause answers the question “why.” “Why are we in business?” “Why am I working for this company?” The answer must be deeper than to return value to shareholders, or to bring home a paycheck. Understanding and agreeing on “why” creates purpose and helps unite people around that purpose. Creating and living a vision is the role of leaders in organizations, and the role for each of you in your own lives. You have to lay it out on paper, and put it somewhere to remind yourself.


A mission statement is a unifying statement. It can describe what an organization is in business to do, or it can describe what you intend to do. It is a key reference point in the planning and implementation of change. It answers the question “what” as in what do you intend to do with your life, or what is the organization created to do?



Values describe, or perhaps lie beneath, beliefs. These beliefs are our core beliefs, or they may be the core beliefs of an organization. Values often describe who we want to be, or who we believe ourselves to be. It is just the same in an organization. Values can be used to describe what the organization stands for and how it will conduct itself. Values are at the core of your being. They underpin your life choices because they provide an anchor and a reference point for all things that happen.


This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 6.