Article writing homework help. Discussion #5 (assignment
Before you post to this discussion you will need to read: CI chapter 23 –Immigration: What is to be Done? pages 557 – 570

If you do not have a textbook here are some of the articles with online links:

“Five Myths about Immigration” by David Cole (Links to an external site.)

“The Worker Next Door” by Barry R. Chiswick (Links to an external site.)

“Angels in America” by John Tierney (Links to an external site.)

“Our Brave New World of Immigration” by Victor David Hannon (you will need to scroll down on the page for the article) (Links to an external site.)

After reading the various essays/articles on immigration decide which presents the best argument and the write a unified paragraph (at least 8 sentences) that explains why. In your response please give the title of the essay and author. Your paragraph will need to have a strong topic sentence and have a pattern of organization. Include supportive evidence (direct quotes) to back up your ideas. All evidence from the literary work must be cited.

Article writing homework help