Articles that were used throughout the class that need to be included within this paper

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For this final paper, students will write an academic research paper about alternative healing modalities through the lens of their respective liberal studies concentration. The research paper students will write is a form of autoethnography: critical personal narrative. Students will prepare a 7-12 page paper including four parts (worth 25 points per section): an introduction, a brief literature review, method of analysis, and results/discussion sections. The goal of this assignment is for you to critically evaluate the ways your feelings, cultural background, social position, values, personal and family histories, and experiences influence your beliefs on the topic of “alternative healing modalities,” which include natural products, mind-body medicine, and other complementary health. The autoethnography is a non-fiction essay, creatively written about a specific incident in your personal history that serves as a platform to describe your relationship with using alternative healing modalities.

Requirements Final Project

Appropriate methods include but are not limited to your original case analysis, textual analysis, rhetorical analysis, autobiography, and

in-depth interviews. You must use at least 2 sources in addition to your class texts. Outside research may include academic journal articles, magazine articles, interviews, information from NPR, and Internet sources. A minimum of 5

“academic sources” must be used for this research paper. All research must be cited appropriately. All papers must follow

APA or MLA guidelines, be double-spaced applying one-inch margins, and use Times New Romans 12pt font.