Applied Sciences homework help.

2 pages, typed in MS Word, double-spaced and Times new roman, 12-font size is required. Please provide headings separating the student learning outcomes.
– This APA paper is to be about a 23- year old female patient who has anxiety and you are the student nurse providing care for them.
1.Provide a short overview of your daily nursing responsibilities that you would deliver if you were caring for this patient care.
2. Address your learning experiences utilizing the 4 Student Learning Outcomes. The four student learning outcomes are ( Care coordination, RESEARCH AND TRANSLATION, INFORMATION MANAGEMENT, ADVOCACY AND POLICY
When using the four student learning outcomes please address these questions according to the patient having anxiety.

1. How did you engage in patient care coordination when caring for your patients with helping techniques that promoted therapeutic nurse-patient relationship?
2. How did you use research and translation to deliver compassionate, patient centered, evidence based care that respects patient and family preferences?
3.How did you use information management to integrate and apply nursing knowledge and skills that leads to improvements in patient outcomes?
4.How did you use advocacy and policy to uphold ethical standards, which include data security, regulatory requirements, confidentiality, and clients’ right to privacy?
-Also include 6 competencies which are
knowledge, critical thinking, skill performance, collaboration, caring, and professionalism. (you should explain how you met each competency)
3.  List at least 2-3 new knowledge/skills that you have learned and identify 1 that had the greatest impact on your nursing practice. 

Applied Sciences homework help