You have learned about the Spanish conquest and colonization of the Caribbean. The accounts Of the Island of Hispaniola Preview the documentand The Devastation of the IndiesPreview the document by Bartolome de las Casas reveal the human cost of Spanish conquest and colonization.
Please note that Las Casas arrived in the New World in 1502 and that these readings were published in 1542 and 1565, respectively, which means that Las Casas was recalling/writing about events that had occurred many years in the past at the date of publication.
In this assignment, please respond to the bolded questions below by 6 AM on Monday, March 16. Click the “Submit Assignment” button above to type in your response.

  • According to the accounts written by las Casas, what treatment do the natives receive from the Spanish?
    • What accounts for the Spanish treatment of the natives (in other words, what do you think is the reason/factor motivating the Spanish treatment of the natives?)?
  • What is the significance of the anecdote about the native cacique, Hatuey?
  • Why do you think las Casas wrote these accounts? What do you think he was trying to achieve?
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