Algebra homework help. 1.Mr. Smith asked his students to write an equation for the graph shown.
Luke wrote the equation y= ( x-5 ) ( x+1) y=(x−5)(x+1). Which set of scaffolding questions would be the most appropriate for Mr. Smith to ask Luke to help Luke realize his mistake?

  1. If you convert your equation to the expanded form of a quadratic, what is the coefficient of x^{2}x2? Where is this value located on the graph?


  1. What is the y-intercept of the graph? Where is this value located in your equation?


  1. If you evaluate your equation at x=1 what is the value of y? Does this match the y-value at x=1 on the graph?


  1. The table below shows selected xand yvalues for a linear function. What is the y-intercept of the function?
x 4 7 9
y 13 31 43
  1. 6
  2. -11
  3. -5


  1. Jim enrolled in a new gym membership this year which required a $50 membership fee and a $70 monthly fee. Jim wrote an equation in the form y=mx+bto find the total amount he has spent on his gym membership this year. What is the meaning of the $70 monthly fee in his equation?
  2. 70 is the slope of the line
  3. 70 is the total amount he has spent this year
  4. 70 is the y-intercept of the line


  1. Which four of the following lines are perpendicular to 5x-2y=7?

Select all answers that apply.

  1. 2x+5y=13
  2. 5y=-2x+10
  3. 2/3X +5/3Y=1/3
  4. 5X+2Y=7


  1. Jason is mowing lawns to save up for a new phone. He mows four lawns a day and for each lawn he mows, he earns $30. The table shows the amount of money he makes each day when he mows lawns. Based on the table, what is the total number of days, d, needed to save mamount of money?


Day Total Amount of Money Made
1 $120
2 $240
3 $360
4 $480
  1. m=120d
  2. m=120 (d-1)
  3. m=d+120


  1. On the first day of this year, Erin deposited $2500 into a savings account that earns 4% annual interest, compounded monthly. If she does not have any plans to deposit or withdraw any money, how much money will be in the account at the end of the year?
  2. $4002.58
  3. $2600.00
  4. $2601.85


  1. The local radio station is giving away free concert tickets to the 104th person who calls in. Andrew and John want to win the concert tickets, so Andrew calls into the station 6 times and John calls in xtimes. If the probability that either Andrew or John wins the concert tickets is 0.125, what is the value of x?
  2. 6
  3. 7
  4. 4


  1. The ΔADBis inscribed in circle Cwith radius 8.

If DB=x, find AD.

  1. AD=sqrt{64-x^{2}}
  2. AD=sqrt{256-x^{2}}
  3. AD=16-x


  1. The parabola f(x) = -3/2X^2 + 4X is graphed below along with a tangent line at (2,F(2)). What is the slope of the tangent line?
  2. -3
  3. 0
  4. -2


  1. In the past several years, the number of students enrolled at a local university has decreased by 14% each year. Currently, there are 23,562 students enrolled. If this trend continues, how many students will be enrolled in 5 years?
  2. 20,263
  3. 11,084
  4. 3,299


  1. Student work is shown below.

Step 1: 6x-8=10x+4
Step 2: -8=4x+4
Step 3: -12=4x
Step 4: -3=x
What property listed below could be used to justify the student work in step 2?

  1. Associative property of addition
  2. Transitive property of equality
  3. Addition property of equality


  1. Grace and Sally are making decorations for their senior prom. One of the decorations is a sphere with a 3 foot diameter that they are going to paper mache with 35% silver paper and 65% gold paper. If each roll of paper covers 5 square feet and costs $8.00, how much money will the girls spend on gold paper?
  2. $48.00
  3. $24.00
  4. $32.00


  1. The probability that event Nwill occur is 0.74. The probability that event Nand event O will occur is 0.1628. If N and O are independent events, what is the probability that event O will not occur?
  2. 0.26
  3. 0.58
  4. 0.78
  5. Which of the following is LEAST likely to be used as a summative assessment for teaching students about fractions?
  6. students writing an explanation of how to order improper fractions.
  7. students putting improper fractions in ascending order as a warm-up activity at the board
  8. students participating in individual teacher-student interviews on fraction concepts


  1. What concept should students be comfortable with before starting a unit on solving simple equations?
  2. greatest common factor
  3. least common multiple
  4. order of operations


  1. A teacher is introducing a new concept to her class. She explains the concept and then does one example problem. Next, she writes a problem on the board for the students to try. What is the best next step for the teacher to take?
  2. Give students the opportunity to discuss their thoughts with a neighbor, then allow them time to formulate and answer.
  3. Provide the answer to the questions and ask students for a thumbs up if they agree.
  4. Give the students 5 minutes to complete the problem, then collect and grade as a quiz.


  1. During a unit on finances, a teacher begins an activity by randomly assigning a job and a salary to each student in class. Which of the following real-life situations is best to help students understand gross income versus net income?
  2. Students must pay taxes on their earnings.
  3. Students can have a portion of the earnings put into savings.
  4. Students may purchase bonds.


  1. Carrie conducts a random survey of 125 seniors at her high school about their lunch habits. Of the 125 students she surveyed, 50 students reported that they eat fast-food for at least 2 lunches a week. Which of the following statements is a reasonable conclusion for her statistical study?
  2. Carrie concludes that the proportion of all students in her high school who eat at least two fast-food lunches a week is approximately 40%.
  3. If Carrie conducts this survey again with a different random sample of 125 seniors, the proportion of seniors who eat at least two fast-food lunches a week will be 40%.
  4. Carrie concludes with 95% confidence that the true proportion of seniors at her school who eat at least two fast-food lunches a week is between 31% and 49%.


  1. Sarah wants to put her TV in the corner of her living room where it is most viewable from her couch. If her TV is 50 inches wide and the distance along the wall from the TV to the corner is 25 inches, what is the angle between that wall and the TV?


  1. 45°
  2. 60°
  3. The measure of the angle cannot be determined with the information given.


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